Friday, January 23, 2009


I've found myself waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep for ages these past few nights. It might be a side effect of all the meds I am on, or it might be my spud powered hot water bottle (ie John) snoring like a chainsaw beside me. Either way I'm a bit bleary eyed today. I remember lying awake around 2am crafting a really good post in my head. Pity I didn't write it down because I haven't a clue what it was all about.

There was an extremely harrowing abuse case in the Irish courts this week. Be warned, the details of this case are very disturbing. It raises a huge amount of questions as to why the health boards and social services did not intervene at an earlier stage. Why did the authorities in the schools these children attended not raise the alarm? Who exactly are the organisation who funded this woman's legal fees when she got a court injunction against the health board? And above all, how could any parent inflict this level of abuse and neglect on their children, or on any child? It just defies belief.

As the saying goes, you need a license for a dog......


womb for improvement said...

Note book by the bed Jane!

We had a home visit before we could adopt our dog but had we been able to get pregnant that'd be it. Crazy (but no real work around other than state sponsored sterilisation ... not a route to go down!)

Kim said...

I am an advocate to the Courts here in my home county for children who are in the system because of abuse and neglect. It is my job to investigate their situation and make recommendations to the Court about what would be in their best interest. Every time I think there could be nothing worse a new case comes around and shocks me all over again. The hardest part is that I am always left wondering why the Universe decided to give people like this a child and not women like us. Bite me, Universe.

If your child welfare system is anything like ours, the schools and any other professional previously invloved with these kids will be questioned as to why they did not report the situation sooner.

Paint it Black said...

Nasty stuff. So unfair that often the most fertile are completly unfit to raise children. Natural selection my arse.

I hear you about the sleep too. My pattern is completly nuts at the moment. Soo annoying

Xbox4NappyRash said...

We know who the organisation were, I refuse to start ranting because I will not be able to stop.

God is good eh...

(any scrap of paper for the ideas, one or two words will help you remember it, of type it into your phone)

Mick said...

I gave up trying to understand people a long, long time ago.

Animals wouldn't even do that to another of their kind!

Let her rot...

nutsinmay said...

It's my standard response when someone (luckily, not many people do this) says 'Maybe it wasn't meant to be...' when hearing of my reproductive woes.

Right. Me, nice, good-natured, caring, with steady job, stable happy marriage, darling gentle husband who would make WORLD CLASS Dad, am not 'meant' to have children. Unstable violent alcoholic adolescent drug-users with no partner, no job, nowhere to live and no ability to empathise or care, hell yeah, they can have kids. That's 'meant to be'.


Leslie Laine said...

Sorry about the sleepless side effects - there's nothing like IF drug induced insomnia!

My work is also focused on early childhood cases in my county, and I am flustered every day when I meet women (or hear about them) who have just given birth to their 3rd child whilst the first two are living in foster care somewhere.

I've decided that will be my first question to God when I move into the next universe, "Why??" I just don't understand.

Jane G said...

WFI - I was actually thinking of your doggie adoption process when I wrote the last line of this post.

Kim - It's crazy alright that people like this have several children, this woman had six, and people with so much love to give a child cannot have one.

PIB - As comment above. Apparantly the school involved have made a statement saying that they did report the situation to the relevant authorities.

Xbox - I read an article online in The Indo the other day which gave the name of a woman behind the organisation and the post office where she is post mistress. Her mailbag is going to be mighty full in the coming weeks, methinks.

Mick - I was thinking that too as regards animals.

May - I hear ya.

Leslie - Why indeed, it just makes no sense.