Sunday, January 11, 2009

And so the madness starts again.

Got a smiley face on the OPK yesterday morning. So we went for Operation Shag and Awe all weekend, carpet bombing that egg into submission. Day 1 of the 17 day wait. Hey ho. Hopefully it won't be as fraught as last month, when Christmas added an extra dimension of expectation and madness to the proceedings. There are no major events coming up this month, so it should be a bit calmer. I have sworn I won't waste my money pissing about (literally) trying to test early this time.

I decided to come out of the blogging closet, to a limited extent, last weekend. Two of my brothers are bloggers, so last weekend I decided to out myself to one of them and sent him the link to this blog. He was glad that I shared it with him, and I was glad myself that I had done so. So if you're reading, Gerry, hello, hope you're not too grossed out reading about the working of your little sister's reproductive bits and sex life! At least you will be privy to any news we might have before anyone else. Feel free to delurk and leave comments.

I also want to give a shout out to Xbox who emailed me the other day on hearing that John's employers had announced a huge amount of redundancies. Thankfully John's job is safe. We both received a lot of calls and texts from concerned family members and friends, but I especially appreciated the support of a friend we have never even met in real life. X, we are definately meeting for a pint the next time you're back in Ireland. No excuses!


womb for improvement said...

And so it starts again, good luck this time.

I'm impressed two of your brothers are bloggers. I only know one blogger in real life and she is an artist so is doing it as part of her business rather than for fun - if that's what you can call our blogs.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

My brother is/was a blogger bless his heart. He tends to write about Jesus, I er, don't.

I was just concerned that ye wouldn't be able to afford to buy me that pint is all.

Which, incidentally would have been this weekend past, but a whole infected mouth drama put paid to that.

Ding ding... good luck.

(word verification is 'chilisme' which kind of sounds like a French word for the ability to 'just relax'...)

Kim said...

It will be better than last month. Nothing is worse than the Christmas 2ww.

Jane G said...

WFI - yeah, there's a bit of a creative streak running through our genes. My mum dabbles in writing too but has never been published, and another brother is a musician/poet/broadcaster. Not that my rantings are all that creative :o)

Xbox - feck that, you're buying! Hope the mouth is better soon.

Kim - I agree with you, there's so much more expectation at Christmas time. I'm a lot calmer this month.