Monday, January 19, 2009

Good bloods again

It looks like we have cracked the hormone issue for the third month running, despite me breaking my non dairy diet and gorging myself on chocolate all Christmas.

Progesterone - 129.2 (slightly high, but not bad)
Oestradiol - 693

I'm on CD27, but I can't test for another week. So I'm more than halfway through the 2WW. No major symptoms to report this month. John and I have been put on antibiotics for three weeks by our fertility doctor, just in case I might have a low grade uterine infection. A friend of mine was on them a few years back and told me they can make you quite quesy. I took my first two on Friday night and my second two Saturday morning. I feel really rough after the second dose, and ended up staying in my PJs all day.

So seven days to go. So far January has seemed to have flown. What's the bets this week will feel like an eternity?


Sarah said...

I cant take that bet....I am certain that this week is going to take its sweet time.

One day will feel like 3. Shit. Maybe if we sleep a lot it will go by faster?

womb for improvement said...

It will certainly be a slow one. Good luck. (And damn those faux - or not - pregnancy symptons)

nutsinmay said...

Yay! for the good hormone levels.

Them antibiotics are horrible. I threw the heck up last time I was on them. Much sympathy.

Also, 2ww wait, aigh, thinking of you.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

We almost never get past 27, I'd be buying bloody cigars by now.

But I'm an idiot.

Mick said...

May be a slow week for you. But I hope it's one worth waiting for!

Jane G said...

Sarah - Sleeping a lot sounds like a good plan.

WFI - Good luck to you too. Thinking about you.

May - Thanks!

Xbox - Yeah I'm a bit of an over acheiver in the luteal phase department. And my ovaries took their sweet time this month and didn't hatch until CD18. So a long wait this month. Sorry to read your latest post.

Mick - hopefully it will be, but I'm not getting hopes up too much. They have a habit of getting dashed.