Monday, December 1, 2008

And the clanger of the year award 2008 goes to....

my brother in law's big mouthed twat of a friend. As I mentioned last week, we were attending John's nieces christening last Saturday. Not only that, but I was at the end of this month's clomid dose, and the hormones were all over the place, to say the least. The new parents are John's youngest brother (seven years younger than John) and his wife (four years younger than me). All in all, it was a pretty tough gig to attend, given what we have been going through for the past two years. I was pretty much prepared for somebody to put their foot in it as regards our sprogless state, but I thought it would be in a small group setting, possibly at the party when there were a few drinks down.

But no, it happened much earlier in the day than anticipated. After the baby dunking, renouncing the devil and praying was over, it was time for the photos. When it came to the Godparents shot, John was handed the baby to hold. In front of everyone in the church, a voice shouted up from the pew behind me "You'll be next John, ha, ha!". I tried my best to let that go over my hormonal head, when he followed it up with "Are you getting broody yet John?". At this point I turned around and hit him with a death ray. Bitchy I know, but at least it shut him up. At that point I just wanted to run for the door. We went back to brother in law's house, and I just went upstairs and cried my eyes out.

The tactless twat later apologised to John, saying he only meant it as a joke. Well forgive me, but my sense of humour has been stretched just a tad past its elastic limit. I know he had no clue what we've been going through, but given that we are married longer than the other couple, and a few years older than them, it shouldn't take a genius to figure out that we might be having issues in the fertility department. I just wish that I had turned around to him and asked him how was his sex life since he was so concerned with ours.


Xbox4NappyRash said...


That's not good.

Especially when you think you are prepared for the more obvious impending clangers, and then you get one, and two, from left field.

You know, if it's any consolation, 2 years ago that could easily have been me saying those things in an attempt at being funny. As it is now, I have a friend back home who I am suspecting may be having problems too and I am watching every word I say, even now.

Lisa DG said...

The clomid doesn't help either- it probably has the biggest impact on your emotions of all the meds- trust me on that one.

People just don't think. For better or worse, I try to just avoid places that my be uncomfortable for me. There is always time for more fetive activities- once I am pregnant and past 24 weeks. I may not be living life to the fullest. For now, i do my best.

Good luck to you. I'll be thinking postive thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Oh God. What a bloody idiot. What a prize-winning knuckle-dragging arse.

Poor you. That's a nasty, nasty jab in the ribs you had.

Can I deliver a trailer load of partially rotted cowshit anywhere for you?

womb for improvement said...

It just shows an incredible lack of imagination.

Lack of imagination that you guys might be having problems. And lack of imagination that he has chosen two of the most over used clangers. If he'd followed it up with "Don't leave it too long" you would have got your hat trick or what not to say.

And at least you now have a come back for next time.

Anonymous said...

Ow. Ow ow ow. Right in the teeth. Ow. What a complete ARSE. I'm damn glad he apologised, or I'd've had to wade over to Ireland and beat the suffing out of him myself.

DrSpouse said...

I think some people just can't even contemplate that it would be hard to get pregnant. It just doesn't cross their radar.

Plus, they think it's appropriate to make stupid comments about other people and whether they should or shouldn't be having children.