Friday, February 6, 2009

All aboard the lurve train...

So it's CD11, and we're gearing up for this month's burst of timetable lurvin', aka the week we have to ride. Oh to be 25 and energetic again. Last month we laid back and thought of Ireland on cd 16, 18, 19 and 20. CD20 was one of those "will we go again?" "all right then, might as well" ones. Offer it up for the Holy Souls. Where is the passion? Where is the romance?

Last month I ovulated on CD18. On CD18 this month, we are planning on going here for a rosamantic dinner, one of my favourite restaurants. All very conducive to seduction, one would think? Slight fly in the ointment though. As it's many miles away from our house and a ten minute drive from John's parents, we've arranged to stay with the in-laws that night, so that we'll be taxi distance from our bed and can enjoy a few glasses (ok, bottles) of wine. But how does one avoid the uber chatty mother in law who wants to engage in conversation until all hours when we get home? Sorry Missus, we've got to go and make a grandchild for you?

This reminds me of a baby making attempt last summer, when we were visiting my parents for the weekend. My uncle was also staying, as he was recouperating from an illness at the time and he was sleeping in the main guest room with the double bed. So we were sleeping in the upstairs twin bedroom, my teenage bedroom, directly over the living room. I had to drop elephant sized hints to John that it was bedtime, while he and my Dad were thoroughly absorbed in some kind of home computer conundrum that John always fixes every time we visit my parents. So off we toddled to bed, trying to do the deed in a very very single bed, which was very mobile and noisey, directly over my parents' living room. Cringe! As it happened, our attempts were in vain. It would have made for a good story to mortify any resulting offspring with in years to come.

So this time next week it will be out with the peesticks, preseed, mucodyne and sexy undies and away with the comfy pyjamas, woolly bedsocks and hotwater bottle. Here we go again...


Paint it Black said...

good luck, at least you are prepared

Paint it Black said...

Hey if things get boring and you need a bit of spice, my usless knowledge toolbar just gave me this pearler:

The indentation in the middle area between the nose and the upper lip is called the philtrum. Ancient Greeks considered this to be one of the body’s most erogenous zones.

Do what you wish with this knowledge...Have fun!

Sarah said...

Sex just isnt sexy now a days. Thanks a whole effin lot infertility. Jeez.

Fingers crossed for you love!

womb for improvement said...

Midday sex, before you get in the car to drive to the dinner. Or, spice it up a little, in the toilets at the restaurant!

Leslie Laine said...

I fantasize about having a great "sex story" for the "conception story". Hope this is it for you. There's something really funny about having to do it at the in-laws!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I'm sorely tempted to put a single bed into our spare room, turn it into my childhood room.
Kylie & Paul McGrath posters on the wall, simply red casette tapes, and the tattered June 1987 issue of english playboy underthe matress.

(incidentally, and I'm oddly mortified to say this myself, but I'm with WFI, afternoon at home before ye head...)

Jane G said...

PIB - thanks for the tip!

Sarah - Cheers!

WFI - It might be happening a little earlier in the week than anticipated. Unfortunately I have a conference call at work on Friday afternoon, and we have to be at the restaurant by six, so unless we christen the car on the way, I don't think there would be much scope for an afternoon quicky. As for restaurant toilets, you hussy!

Leslie - There's also a naughty element to it too!

X box - Simply Red cassettes? That I class as a serious passion killer.