Monday, February 16, 2009

2ww - take 3

Well it was a case of effort in the face of adversity this month. John got struck down by a dose of the man flu, and my lower back pain flared up again for the first time in a while. I've suffered with back pain on and off since I was eighteen years old, so twenty one years. When it strikes it is nothing short of debilitating. So I don't know how we managed it, but we did make a couple of attempts at project Hump and Hope (copyright Xbox). If we're successful this month it will be as Miranda said of the conception of her son on Sex and the City, "the special Olympics of conception".

I found out the other day that my next door neighbours had recently become proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. So I did the neighbourly thing and popped in with a gift for the little one and a quick chat. As my neighbour said, they have seen a lot of life changes in the past year. They got married last Spring, and now they are parents. My untold story felt like the elephant in the room. We have lived next door to each other for three years now, we were already married when we moved in, so where are the babies? I don't know them well enough to tell them about our "journey" and they thankfully have the tact not to ask, but I left the house feeling they must be wondering what's the story on our side of the fence.

So I'm once more onto the pregnyl injection week of my cycle. We've been doing these injections four times a month now since last March, so we've nearly completed a year of them. At the start it was very daunting fiddling around with needles and syringes in our own house, but luckily one of my best friends is a nurse so she helped us out for the first two times. Now it seems easy, if a little bit tiresome that I'm still injecting myself with hcg hormones derived from the urine of pregnant women. Nice thought, huh?

So another two week wait begins, due to end on March 1st. Watch this space.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

God, you know, at this stage I'd nearly prefer to have them ask than not, and to be making all kinds of assumptions.

I hope you keep up the one for the road now!

the very best of luck.

womb for improvement said...

Well you have given me a new resolution.

When (yes, when) I'm pregnant I'm going to donate all my urine to people who need it.

No one can accuse me of not pissing on someone in need.

Leslie Laine said...

Hoping for a Hail Mary for you this cycle.

I don't even know what to say about the urine of pregnant women. They have it all, don't they?

Jane G said...

Xbox - I dunno which is worse, them thinking that you are childless by choice and judging you for it, or thinking you have fertility issues and pitying you. It's shite either way.

WFI - Well giving the piss is better than taking it! (not that you take it!)

Leslie - Thanks for the good thoughts. They certainly do!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I still can vaguely remember my mother and our next door neighbour talking and smoking in the back kitchen, I must have been fairly young 7 or 8, but I distinctly remember them whispering about another neighbour with whom something 'was wrong'.

I since realise who they meant, and the thought of being the subject of that conversation gives me the shivers.

Kim said...

Its not love until you've miserably and painfully bumped uglies with your significant other all in the name of keeping their dna alive. I am really hoping this is the cycle for the two of you.