Friday, August 1, 2008

My fur babies

Yes folks, I have to admit it, I'm a loopy old lady with cats. I just had to put a photo of them in. This is their baby photo, when they first adopted us. It's not very obvious, but they are litter mates. Same mother, different father. Obviously a pussy of questionable morals. But hey, we don't mind if their mother is a slut. They're three years old now, or 24 years old in cat years, so we have been through the teenage trantrums, the slamming doors and rolling eyes, and now they're young adults.

But it's about time they went out and got jobs and stop treating this house like a feckin hotel. Look at them, lying around on the sofa all day, when they should be earning their keep.

They hardly ever bring a mouse in, even. I'm
thinking of sending the fluffy lad up chimneys.
I'd bet he could earn a few bob for us. It'd be cash in paw too.

But like any parent, I'm concerned about the drug culture that pervades the youth of today. Especially all this rave culture. Here's one of the young fella taken at recent rave. Paws in the air, eed out of his little furry tits he is, look at him! What are we rearing at all, at all?


womb for improvement said...

What a coincidence I just posted about my fur kid too. Although as we adopted him at 4 (28 dog years)we missed out on those rebellious teenage years.

Jane G said...

I popped over for a look. He's gorgeous! I've often heard that greyhounds are very gentle. If we were getting a dog I would definately go to a rescue shelter.

Unfortunately in Ireland, the rate at which they euthanase unwanted dogs is just shocking. Not only that, but cats aren't protected by anti cruelty laws. It really makes me mad!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

As cats go, they are kind of playful looking, but give me a dog any day.

Jane G said...

Tigger (the stripey one!) is by far the most affectionate cat I have ever come across. A real cuddle slut.

I'd love a dog too, but I think we'll wait until we move out of town. We don't really have enough room here for one.

Sarah said...

Oh so cute! I am def a cat person. No dogs for me thanks. =)