Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

Thanks to Womb for improvement for tagging me and making me feel like a real proper grown up blogger. So I have to come up with six random things about myself and tag six others. I don't know that many bloggers yet who haven't already been tagged on this one, so I might pass on the tagging others, if that's ok.

Hmmmmm....let me think.

1) I have an extremely unusual surname. There are only two families of us in Ireland that we know of, and the other one is about to die out. I have no cousins or extended family of the same name. So I could be the only Jane G******* on planet earth. In fact I think I'd be a bit miffed if I found someone else with the same name as me. It's mine, all mine!! For this reason I did not change my name when I married.

2) Although I am the youngest of a family of seven, my mother tells me that I was one of the few planned pregnancies (cheers Mammy, nice to know!) She grew up with brothers and no sisters, so she when she had one daughter she wanted her to have a sister. So they went one last time and they got lil old me.

3) I am now an accountant, but in a previous academic venture I gained a degree in Geology. Don't ask, it's a long story. When I left my previous job in a commercial bank, my former boss wrote on my leaving card that I was by far the best geologist they had ever employed. I'll have to take his word for it on that.

4) I was the first of my immediate family, and I think the first of my extended family to get divorced. Probably because it was only legalised here in the mid 1990's. I am also the first and only member of my immediate family to go down the road of fertility treatment. Bummer, huh?

5) I was called after an Aunt who was a missionary nun in Latin America at the time of my birth. She subsequently left and married an ex priest whom she met over there. So my name is probably mud in Peru. Only joking, she did wonderful work over there and her name is revered there (just in case any of my relatives stumble across this, no offense intended!)

6) I'm obviously something of a late achiever in life, as I was 35 years old when I bought my first car, and 36 when I passed my driving test.


womb for improvement said...

Nice one!

Particularly like the story about your aunt. Can imagine how that went down in a large irish catholic family! But romantic.

Jane G said...

Yes, it was quite the scandal at the time in 1970's west of Ireland! I can remember my parents whispering in corners about how they would explain it to us. We just totally took it at face value, as kids tend to do.

My Grandmother was less than impressed though!