Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That was easier than I expected

Turned out Saturday night's birthday gathering was just for immediate family, spouses and kids. So no awkward questions from people I haven't met in over a decade as regards our family situation or lack thereof. Phew!

I stayed with my sister on Saturday night and on Sunday morning I went to mass with her and my nieces. I'm not a regular Sunday mass punter, but when in Rome, or in this case Kildare, do as the Romans, or Lilly Whites, do. So off I trotted.

The second reading made me remember why I don't go to church more often. It went something along the lines of "If you want something, pray for it. If your prayers are not answered, then you are not praying correctly". Well that told me rightly, didn't it? What about my sister in law who died of cancer in her mid thirties? She had half the country praying for her recovery. Were all these people not praying correctly?


Anonymous said...

Actually funnily enough I took myself off to Mass on Sunday too and squirmed in my seat as I heard that reading! On a more positive note, I am so pleased that the visit went off so well for you!

womb for improvement said...

I knew I was doing something wrong.

Glad to see you back posting again.

Jane G said...

DOAM - Thanks! Lovely to meet again today. We'll do coffee in Killaloe again before too long.

WFI - Glad to be back. Now we know where we've been going wrong all along.