Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Ostara

I've just been doing a quick search on the net about the Pagan Roots of Easter and fertility symbolism associated with same. Fascinating stuff. So according to our pagan ancestors, 'tis the season to be gettin jiggy with it if we are in the market for making babies.

I've been in the depths of fatigue and angst for the past week or so (you'd never guess it from my last two posts at all, would you?) due to the untimely arrival of the dreaded red house painters, and the ensuing five day 150mg per day dose of clomid. On Tuesday I went for accupuncture and was barely about to keep my eyes open for the evening afterwards. I was still absolutely shattered with exhaustion the following day, when our auditors arrived to start my interim financial audit. Lovely. I hate audits at the best of times, but audits when one is on mood altering fertility drugs really aren't advisable. But I couldn't really tell them that when they emailed me to say they would be out with me this week. Hey ho.

Yesterday I was somewhat better on the energy level front, possibly due to some little chinese herbal pill things the accupuncturist suggested I try. But I hit the teary gibbering wreck stage of the clomid cycle.


You get the picture. Today I'm feeling a lot brighter. In part due to the chemicals wearing off, in part due to the auditors not working on Good Friday, and part due to the fact it is Friday, and even though I had to work today, I still have a bank holiday weekend to look forward to. It's John's birthday on Sunday, so I'm kidnapping him and bringing him to a secret location tomorrow for the night. I can't give any more information than that in case he reads this before we set off. Suffice to say it will involve wining and dining and marital relations (I hope! Hell, I'm spending money on him, he'd better put out.)

Anyway, keeping with the happier theme, we're thinking about our summer holidays this year. We've decided on Italy, most likely Lake Garda, the last two weeks of June. I want a nice holiday since it's my fortieth, maybe a night or two in Milan or Venice and then onto the lake for a week or so. We don't want the budget to run into big bucks though, since I will no longer be in gainful employment come June. I'm just wondering if any of you internets have been there, and if so, do you have any particular recommendations as regards towns and hotels to stay in? Somebody mentioned Riva to me, and someone else Pesceria (sp?). All advice gratefully appreciated.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

The phrase 'marital relations' always reminds me of in-laws!

Glad things are looking brighter again.


Sarah said...

Oooooh. I checked out that Pagan site you linked to, and then followed another link to the store....good thing my credit card wasnt within reach.

Good to hear from you sweetie, and glad that things are looking up.

womb for improvement said...

Working on Good Friday? Is that even legal in Ireland.

Not been to the lakes but have been to Milan and went to a fantastic restaurant. Will dig out the details. (Also work with an Italian who lived in Milan for a while so will see if he has any top tips).

Happy Birthday John!

Mick said...

Hope you have a great time tomorrow night!

Never been to Italy. I'm sure it'll be fantastic.
Good to hear that you're cheerier.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ach, the Clomid lows. I remember. Wretched 'orrible things. And audits? Eeek!

I simply cannot tell you how consumed with envy I am about the prospect of your Italian jaunt. Have never been to the Lake Garda area, so you must tell me all, if you go. With extra photos. And possibly me smuggled into your luggage.

The word verification is 'Satedly'. It vaguely sounds like something you do post-coital. "She sighed satedly, as he rolled off and..." Yeah, well. You get what I mean...