Saturday, January 30, 2010

HSG - info appreciated

Since the good surgeons of Limerick Regional managed to save my left tube after the ectopic pregnancy of two months ago, I'm now faced with the delightful prospect of a HSG to follow up on how the healing process is going. I'm currently around day 23 of this cycle, so when the crimson tide rises once more, I have to phone my consultant's secretary and schedule the appointment for as near to day 10 of my cycle as possible.

So, my lovely internet friends.....those of you who have had this done, any advice or info I should know about? My GP told me I would probably be sedated, but from what I have read, I don't think this will be the case. I will ask the secretary when I phone her. So if there is no sedation involved, would it be a good idea to self medicate in advance, like pop a couple of strong neurofen or solpadeine? Did it really hurt like a motherf***er? Any helpful advice would really be appreciated.


Journey of My Life said...

I had undergone in Dec'09 and it was done under sedation. Luckily, there is no my problem in my tubes and uterus. Overall experience was not at all bad.In the evening, I had mild cramps in my lower abdomen, but it got subdued because of pain killers given by the doc.Even doc gave some antibiotics and multivitamin tabs also.I read alot of bad experiences on net. but nothing to worry as your GP said it will be done under sedation. All the best.

womb for improvement said...

I wasn't sedated but I was given some painkillers to take before hand. I was supposed to be prescribed antibiotics to minimise the chance of an infection. So definitely self medicate with pain killers.

It wasn't massively painful but apparently it hurts more if you have a blockage. Afterwards I didn't feel any pain.

If you want all the gory details see:

Anonymous said...

I've had two. It was a little ouchy and unpleasant while it was happening. It was definitely more ouchy the time I forgot to take some ibuprofen an hour before-hand, but it wasn't horrible. I got pinchy sharp feelings while they were poking things through my cervix, and period-like (but milder) cramps while they were inserting the dye. Having the blood-streaked very sticky ook dribbling out of you is unpleasant, but didn't last for more than a couple of hours, to be replaced with a day or two of light spotting. I didn't really have much in the way of pain afterwards.

So, biggest advice, take your OWN sanitary towels (the hospital ones are like fluffy pillows and have not adhesive so will shift about in you knickers as you go home), and take a good, strong painkiller of the sort that works best for your period-pains, and make sure you take them an hour or so before the procedure, and then for the rest of the day.

Also, they gave em two types of antibiotics - a week's course to take by mouth (definitely do not take these on an empty stomach as they can make you feel (and BE) sick), and a suppository one to put up your 'back passage' on the morning of the procedure. Be warned.

Good luck, my dear. Fingers crossed for you.

Sarah said...

Mine was a piece of cake. No pain what so ever, just some mild cramping.

No pain afterward. No need for painkiller, and no sedation.

Lisa DG said...

I was not sedated. I did have antibiotics and I believe some pain killers too. I don't recall it being too bad.

Fran said...

I had a milder version of that test, it's done via saline infusion and monitored by ultrasound (rather than dye and X-ray). In my case it wasn't painful at all. I would recommend though to take solpadol if you can get it probably an hour before the test. Fingers crossed for you! Fran

Paint it Black said...

It can't go worse than mine if that is any help!
I don't know if you read my post on it last year (srry can't remb how to link). I was not allowed to do it sedated. I used heavy pills (heavier then neurofen), drunk a bottle of wine to relax me and it still hurt like a motherfucker cause they couldn't get any tube in despite trying for 20 minutes. If I was to have it done again it would be under sedation but that is difficult and not usual practice here(diff doc and hospital)so I opted not to go through with it again.
Yours will go much better I'm sure! I would recommend being on the safe side and medicate yourself just in case.

Anonymous said...

I've had two. The first one smarted a lot and the second one was pretty non-eventful. For me, I think it the main difference was I didn't have the same Dr. doing the procedure. I'm allergic to all the good pain meds so I took Tylenol. If you can take something stronger, like Ibuprofen, I would definitely recommend. I also recommend bringing your own pads. The hospital ones are like a diaper. I spotted for a couple of hours after both times and very little cramps.

Good luck and I hope it goes well!

amylynn said...

I took a painkiller an hour before the procedure, it still hurt like mother f*cker during but not intolerable. Afterwards I just had mild cramps and a little spotting. Good Luck!

Illanare said...

Mine didn't hurt so much during the procedure (and I forgot to take prophylactic painkillers) but it was supremely uncomfortable afterwards. I popped a couple of mefenamic (sp?) acid and spent the rest of the day with a hot water bottle grafted to my stomach and was fine by evening.

Hope it goes well for you.

DrSpouse said...

I didn't have sedation, I was quite crampy afterwards, had one type of antibiotic only and was glad I'd taken painkillers.

Best of luck!

Jane G said...

@ all - Thanks for the advice ladies. I got my letter in the post the other day with an appointment on Tuesday morning. No mention of painkillers, the letter said it might involve a little discomfort. I suspect whoever wrote that has never had it done. Ah well, will pop a couple of painkillers just in case. Thanks again to all of you.

Sarah said...

Just popping over to see how you're doing. Tomorrows the HSG right?

Best of luck, sweetie!

Lorna said...

No experience of it but just a quick comment to wish you good luck

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