Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Neighbours.......everybody needs good neighbours

I'm still gobsmacked at an exchange between us and our neighbour six doors down on Monday night. A bit of background first of all. We've been living in the same cul de sac for almost four years now. Our neighbours own a large boxer dog. Their gate at the side of their house is not high enough to contain the dog, and she regularly jumps over it and gets out to run around the estate. Loose dogs running around is a bugbear of mine, particularly when you have to pick your steps over the dog shit when you are trying to get out for a walk. As well as that, the dog has ran in front of my car and twice nearly caused me to crash. We have said it to them a number of times that the dog is running around loose, and asked them to keep her in.

The first few times it happened I went around there with the approach "you might not have realised, but your dog has gotten out of your garden". In other words, politely and softly softly saying "keep your dog in your garden". We are not the only ones who have an issue with her. Our next door neighbour has a young son and they used to be afraid to walk by the house when the dog was out because she is so big. The last time she ran in front of my car, early in September, I knocked on their door and gave the neighbour an earful. Her attitude was very much "Ah sure what can I do, my husband isn't home and he's the only one who can get her in". I told her I nearly crashed my car because of the dog, and if she wasn't careful somebody is going to get hurt one of these days.

Anyway the other night John was calling the cats in. We always make sure to get them into the house around nightfall, partly for their own safety and partly because we are mindful that our neighbours do not need to be kept awake by cats yowling all night. When you live in close proximity to your neighbours and you keep pets you have to show some consideration for people around you. Anyway Tigger comes running up the driveway when John calls him, and out of nowhere the neighbour's boxer dog comes running behind him and makes a lunge for him (Tigger that is, not John). Given what we had been through in the past week, John was in overprotective mode. After giving the dog a swift boot up the arse, he went down and knocked on their owners' door and gave them an earful. They said the dog had only just got out that minute, and they basically got very thick with John over it so he walked away.

Five minutes later there came a knock on our door and I went out to answer it. It was the neighbour. This was the exchange.

Neighbour "Did your husband just come knocking on our door"
Me "Yes, your dog was out again and he attacked our cat"
Neighbour "What do you expect, that's what dogs and cats do"
Me "But it's illegal to let your dog run around loose"
Neighbour "We didn't let her out, she got out on her own. She had only just gotten out"
Me "Well she is out running around the whole time" (she is out very regularly)
Neighbour (shouting loudly) "No she's not, this is the first time this has happened since you said it to me last" (absolute horseshit)
Me "Bullshit, I have seen her out loads of times since"
Neighbour "No you have not, she has not been out"
Me (blood pressure sky high at this point and totally losing it) "Look we have just lost a baby and we don't need this kind of stress right now"
Neighbour "Well you shouldn't have come knocking on our door then" and she storms off.

Fucking bitch. I won't be braking the next time the dog runs in front of my car.


Fran said...

Oh my God, I don' know what to say...I would have gone mental over such a thing. Next time seriously, hit the damn dog (poor dog, afterall it's not her fault). Take a diary of anytime you see the dog out and then go to the gards with it. Damn neighbour. Obviously she's so stupid she can't even realise what she's saying. Big hugs petal

Sarah said...

Call the police. Tell them the dog attacked your cat. Tell them you feel fearful in you own yard. Make a scene.

And then make sure your husband pees all over their plants. It'll kill them.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Dunno what to say. Look after yourselves for now.

Paint it Black said...

What dumb arse shit neighbours!

That is sooo shit. We have 2 dogs (one large and one medium sized) and we make sure they are well fenced in. We have tall fences and electric wire at top and bottom as our breeds are known for their houdini escape acts. My husband even went as far as not to teach his dog to jump so that he would never jump fences. At my old house however my dog used to dig her way out occasionally, or got out when a fence blew down but I was soo apologetic to anyone who she disturbed and kept trying different methods to keep her housed. I found it no way acceptable to let her wander off on her own or to be rude to neighbours. It is the owners responsibility to do their best to house their dogs!

Please do whatever you need to get back at these awful neighbours,
I'm sure you can find a way but please don't hit the dog! Animals don't have the luxury of choosing their owners, poor things.

merinz said...

Unfortunately they sound like the kind of neighbours that when you hit the dog with your car they will expect you to pay the vet bill.