Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Conceived in man flu

After thirteen cycles of clomid and (I think!) fifteen on pregnyl injections with nothing to show for it but non stop mood swings, exhaustion and hot flushes, I finally kicked the fertility drug habit two months ago. I had had enough. Physically and emotionally I just had to get off the hamster wheel.

Two weeks ago, John was home sick with man flu. He was making noises about swine flu, but given that he was still getting out of bed and faffing about the house, he wasn't getting a huge amount of sympathy from me. Cups of tea and dinners, yes, sympathy, no. Heartless bitch of a wife that I am. So when I got a smiley face on an OPK, I jumped his flu ridden bones. A woman's got to do what a woman's got to do.

This month marked our twelfth month trying on this stint of the ttc journey. That's not to say we have been at this lark for a only year. We first started humping and hoping way back in the spring of 2006. So imagine my gobsmackedness when I got this result this afternoon.

Believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen. Conceived in man flu and without the aid of fertility drugs. I'm still pinching myself.


nutsinmay said...

Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God!

I'm crossing all my digits and holding my thumbs and wishing every good thing for you.

(With the flu? I'm impressed. Seriously impressed. H is merely intimidated).

Xbox4NappyRash said...

fucking hell

fucking hell fucking hell fucking hell.

Mick said...

jesus, that's the greatest!!!!

And during man flu.
I'm with XboX, fucking hell


Gerry said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you, hon.

Love from Laois.

G, S & A

Illanare said...

Oh my god! YOU'RE the one we all hear about, how stopped "trying" and immediately go pregnant - fantastic!

Sarah said...

Wow!! Congratulations!


Feebee said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!

Every single time you pop up in my feedreader, I am holding my breath for this post.

Do you have a plan? If you need any drugs, I have lots!

Hekateris said...

Eee!! EEEE!!!!

Also, my word verifications spells:



Carolyne said...

That's a great sight eh?

Seems the 'boys' felt better than your man!


C said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wow, just wow!!! So happy for you :)

LOL at "man flu"

hairyfarmer said...

How utterly amazing and wonderful and fabulous! Many congrats!

Edith van said...

I'm a lurker, but I just have to congratulate you!
Good luck!

Fran said...

Holy cow!!! that's brilliant news!! Keep pinching away my friend it's happening!! Fran

Jane G said...

@ Everyone - Thanks so much to you all for all the support and comments.

Fucking hell indeed, Xbox. That's probably what John was thinking when I jumped him.

DebbieJ said...

WOW! Great news!
What a stunner! How fantastic!

Twangy said...

That is the best news I've had for the longest time! How fantastic! WOW.

womb for improvement said...

Shit, where the hell have I been?


I'm going to be holding my breath for you for the next few weeks.

merinz said...

OH my goodness - congratulations

Lisa DG said...


Jane G said...

Thanks DebbieJ, Twangy and Merinz for stopping by and for the good wishes, I think you are all new commenters so thanks very much.

WFI - I was wondering where you were hiding!

Lisa - Thanks!

And FeeBee - I might take you up on the offer of drugs (how dodgy does that sound?) I'm on cyclogest and Low Dose Naltrexone at the mo, and might be starting pregnyl depending on how the next beta goes, so if you have any of the above that would be greatly appreciated. Hope you're keeping well. Not long to go now yourself.