Monday, October 5, 2009

It's simple, black puddings.

Those of you on the other side of the Atlantic might not be aware that Ireland voted yes to ratify the Lisbon Treaty last Friday. In the run up to the referendum, the Vote No side were mounting a campaign based on ever increasingly nonsensical slogans. Some genius in I think Trinity College Dublin developed this little gem, the Vote No poster generator. Just click on the "Click here, receive poster" line for some excellent reasons to vote no to Lisbon. Pure comedy gold!


Paint it Black said...

On the other side of the world in a galaxy far far away...I have no idea what any of it all means

Xbox4NappyRash said...

PIB - you lucky bitch :-)

womb for improvement said...

Yeah, alright you guys have had your five minutes of fame. Can we stop talking about europe now?

Oh, shit they want our ex-leader to lead it? I'm moving to another continent.

Sarah said...

I'm with PIB. Just sayin.

Jane G said...

@ PIB - neither did a large proportion of the Irish electorate.

@ Xbox - exactly!

@ WFI - I'm glad it's over at this stage. It was making for very boring dinner table conversation there for a while.

@ Sarah - you're just as well off not knowing.