Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bella Italia

Bon giorno internets! It's Sunday evening, the sun is shining and we have been in beautiful Riva del Garda 4 days now. All I can say is wow. We have totally fallen in love with Italy. It's our first visit and we are just loving it. We arrived in Bergamo on Thursday morning, picked up our hire car, a dinky little Fiat 500, at lunchtime and took our life into our own hands on the Milan to Venice motorway. I thought Irish drivers were crap motorway drivers, but we're in the tuppence ha'penny league compared to these guys. As a front seat passenger, I would strongly recommend a valium sandwich for lunch before you set off, possibly with a stiff G&T chaser.

Once we left the motorway and got onto the Roverto to Riva road, we entered a long tunnel, which took an age to exit. We soon realised that the traffic was backed up at least a mile. It turned out there was an accident up the road. But even in a traffic jam you couldn't help but smile when you are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and rows of vines at every turn. We got to Riva in the early evening. As luck would have it, our hotel is just on the edge of the town, so we found it in about 3 minutes. It's a stone's throw away from the lakefront, with the dolomites providing a dramatic backdrop. Gorgeous.

We immediately warmed to the Italians. Neither of us had a word of Italian before we arrived, but a quick consultation with the Rough Guide language section afforded us the basics. The old "cupla focail" (couple of words) of Italiano definitely endears you to the locals. Mind you they're probably smiling at us warmly while disguising their mirth at our pathetic attempts to speak their language. So far they seem to be like Paddies with suntans and a jaw dropping sense of style. When it comes to style, these people have it in spades. Same goes for charm, and sense of humour, as well as the innate ability to flirt. I love them. Next life, I want to come back as an Italian.

I'm off now for a swim in spectacular Lake Garda. When I get to it I will uploads some photos, just to piss you all off even further. So until next time internets, ciao!


womb for improvement said...

Yes, I'm officially jealous. Was that what you wanted? Was it?!

Paint it Black said...


Phoebe said...

You sure know how to celebrate your 40th birthday! I love Italy too, but have only been there once. I'm Italian-American, so I grew up immersed in the culture, at least the American version of it!

Kim said...

Sono geloso! (I'm jealous...I think.) I was never very good with my Italian and haven't spoke a word since my Noni passed a few years ago. But in any event, I am jealous and can't wait to see pics. Have a wonderful time!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I really want to make a 'waking up with a horses head in your bed' joke.

Can I?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Italy. I can tell you absolutely, they're not laughing at your attempts, they're being delighted with you. Italians LOVE it when visitors have a go at the lingo. They really really do. They reserve their sniggers for tourists who never even try to say 'ciao'.

Glad you're having a fabulous time. You certainly deserve it!

Sarah said...

Yep, I'm with WFI. So very jealous now.


Just kidding, well I am jealous...but I'm happy you're enjoying yourself.