Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to the grind

We had a lovely break in Merry Englande last week. Flew out on Monday and came back on Saturday. The weather was just fantastic for March. We even managed to barbeque on St Patrick's Day! Much relaxing, eating, drinking nice wine and baby making.

The day we arrived, my sister in law had a journalist and photographer around from House Beautiful doing a photo shoot in her gaff. She and her husband bought a (I think) two hundred year old stone cottage in the Cotswolds last year. When they bought it, it was very dark with lots of little adjoining rooms. They got an architect and builders in, completely gutted the place and modernised it inside. The result is nothing short of stunning. It's the kind of house I would dream about buying if I ever won the lotto. So it's great to have use of it as a base whenever the mood takes our fancy. This was the second trip we have taken over there in six months. It's just as beautiful there in Spring as it is in Autumn. We took a trip up to Hampton Court Palace while we were there. I have always had a fascination with Henry VIII and his wives, so it's somewhere I had wanted to visit for a long time. It was well worth the four hour round trip, particularly when the weather was so good.

Anyway I ovulated on the Monday, day one of our holiday. We had roughly been following the SMEP since I think day ten. We missed out on day 12, went for it on day 14, got a smiley face on day 15, so went for it again. The smiley face was still there on Monday morning, day 16, before we flew out. We hadn't time to do the necessary as our flight was quiet early in the morning, but managed a quicky that evening. So quick that if we conceived that day it'll be called Speedy Gonzalez. Or Sauvignon Blanc, as I was quite inebriated at the time. As I said before I don't usually go in for drunken shagging, but needs must and all that. (Apologies to my brother if he's reading this, for way TMI). We went for a bonus round on day 17, and after that we were officially all shagged out. Mind you Ireland's historic rugby victory on Saturday did prompt us to run upstairs and celebrate in a patriotic manner (i.e. a manner which might result in producing a future Irish tax payer). So we are both walking like John Wayne at this stage.

It's now day 23 and I'm going for my blood test this evening. Last month's results were still excellent, so I hope all the boozing of last week hasn't knocked me out of kilter hormone wise. As for 2ww symptoms, my boobs do feel a little bit sore today. But I'm paying it no attention, those fake symptoms I get from the HCG injections have fooled me too many times before. The crimson tide is due on April 2nd, which is ten days away. Any ideas for distractions for the next ten days?


Xbox4NappyRash said...

I'm pissing myself at the 'quicky'.

Your poor brother.

Basically, ye'll use any old excuse won't ye ;-)

womb for improvement said...

Just, please, don't decide to do an April fools 'look I got a positive' and the reveal it was a joke. I just don't think I could cope.

Anonymous said...

My word. I was right to worry about the bed springs!

Sarah said...

I've got no ideas for distractions. I cant even distract myself properly.

But I am crossing the proper body parts that this is it for you guys!

Jane G said...

X box - Any excuse indeed, shameless husseys that we are!

WFI - Believe me, I would never joke about that.

HFF - You certainly were.

Sarah - Thanks hon.