Friday, March 6, 2009

The axe has fallen

I am to be made redundant on the 29th May, two days before I turn 40. I was expecting this news for a while, and if anything it's good to know one way or the other what the situation is. I have been in my job 5 years so I will leave with quite a nice lump sum, which will cushion the blow somewhat. I will also be able to sign on for unemployment benefit which is EUR 200 per week, and we had the foresight to take out mortgage protection insurance when we bought our house. Also, if I don't find another job straight away, John will be able to claim some of my tax credits, if we tell the tax office that we want to be taxed as a married couple. This would be worth EUR 152 per month, not a lot, but every penny counts towards paying the bills.

For the past few weeks I have been trying to convince myself that unemployment won't be as bad for me as it was in the early 90's. I went through a stint of long term unemployment after graduating from Uni which was nothing short of soul destroying. I left college without a penny to my name, and moved to England to be with my boyfriend of the time. We lived in a crappy damp house with no central heating. The only TV we had was a black and white portable. We was poor, we was. We were also living in a town where I knew nobody, which was a very isolating experience. Living hand to mouth meant I had no money for clothes, which made the job hunting experience even more difficult, as I wasn't equipped with an appropriate work wardrobe, let alone a credible CV.

Whereas now I am a homeowner, and we have a very comfortable warm 4 bed house with a large back garden (well large by the standards of modern estates in Ireland!). I can drive and have my own car, which gives me a huge degree of independence. I have a few very good friends in the area or within driving distance who I can call into. I have a gym membership which I am definitely going to keep, job or no job, because that will be my reason for getting out of bed in the morning and will get the happy hormones going. I'm also going to use the opportunity to get my accountancy text books down out of the attic, and brush up on all I learned when I was studying for my CIMA membership. As for my CV, I have ten years experience with two large very well known organisations, which makes for a very strong work record, as well as a membership of an accountancy body. And above all, I have a supportive husband who will help me get through this bump on the road, and that is the most important thing of all.


Mick said...

I'm sorry to hear about your job. It's really nice to see that you are so optimistic though.

We could all learn something from your optimism.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry honey. That really stinks. But I applaud your bright outlook. =)

Big hugs!

Paint it Black said...

I am sorry too but good to see you have a great plan to handle the tough situation

Lisa DG said...

You are so right that having a supportive husband makes all the difference.

Leslie Laine said...

Sorry to hear this news, but impressed by your backup plans. It's always good to look back, too, and feel that we've come some distance in dealing with life's setbacks. Thinking of you.

womb for improvement said...

Sorry, internet connect been down so only just seen this.

Sorry that it happend but at least you were prepared so it hasn't completely knocked you sideways, and excellent news that you have until the end of May - so that's a couple of months job hunting on work time.

Best of luck getting over the bump.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

well, shite.

DrSpouse said...

Ouch - really sorry to hear that. Mr Spouse has been taking some time out and is now going to be going back and retraining, he's enjoyed the rest I think (after 7am trains for 4 years!) but it's been hard.

Jane G said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments.

Mick - I am trying to keep the optimism going, but looking for accountancy jobs in Limerick on the net, I have to admit my optimism is flagging a little.

Sarah - Thanks hon. It does stink, but I suppose there are tens of thousands like me in this country at the moment.

PIB - Thanks, hope this plan works out for me.

Lisa DG - A supportive partner makes all the difference.

Leslie - I like to think I have come a huge way since those dark days in the early nineties.

WFI - Yes it's excellent that they have given me so much notice. Hopefully something will come up soon.

Xbox - Shite is right!

Dr Spouse - Sorry to hear that Mr Spouse has been having a tough time of it. Hope the retraining works out for him.