Monday, October 20, 2008

Pulling out all the stops

This month's blood test results were extremely disappointing, so this month we are bringing in the big guns. My fertility specialist has prescibed 150mg clomid for 5 days. This I am dreading, because by day 5 I am guaranteed to be a weeping gibbering basket case. But hopefully I will be able to time that with the upcoming bank holiday weekend, and if so I am just going to have an extended duvet day. A duvet weekend if you will. I'm not going to issue any invitations to potential visitors and will just chill out and enjoy some books and films at home.

I've also decided to give accupunture a try. I have tried it before for back pain, fatigue and post miscarriage recovery, and found it good for all three, so I'm going to see if it's any good for kicking my hormones up the arse. So tomorrow week I'm going in for my first session. Ironically, my accupuncturist is back from maternity leave after having her fifth child. What's more she's younger than me. She's an incredibly chilled out lady, but I suppose you'd have to be really!

I'm also going to take my non dairy diet seriously for a change. I had food intolerance testing done a few months back on the advice of my fertility clinic. I suffer from IBS and have done for years, so it seemed like a good idea to get checked out. It turned out that I have major intolerance for cow's milk. Since then, I have weaned myself off cow's milk, cut back on cheese, but I have found it very difficult to sever my love affair with Ben & Jerrys. I never realised how much dairy crops up on menus until I tried to give it up. Try ordering a non dairy desert in a restaurant. I have yet to find one that doesn't involve cream, ice cream, soft cheese or some form of milk product. The other day my fertility specialist told me I have to stick to the non dairy diet rigidly, as this can have a hugely adverse effect on hormone levels. I had been using goat's milk and associated products as a substitute, but I have been told that these are a no-no also. So as of this month, I can haz no cheezeburger. Sob! How am I going survive the infertility blues if I can't dive face first into a vat of caramel chew chew? It's going to be a tough month...


womb for improvement said...

I've become a firm advocate for acupuncture. I hope it works and sound like if you apply the phrase "physician heal thy self" you've got the right woman.

oh and dark chocolate. That is the answer.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The acupuncture jury is still very much out over here.

The 3rd session was due for the lap day so that'll be scrapped too.

Sorry to laugh, but the thought of you getting pumped up on clomid and all narky and weepy and trying to seduce hubby is just symptomatic of this whole insanity.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Black chocolate is good for you. It is totally the answer.

I can't eat dairy either. Or, at least, SHOULDN'T eat dairy either. *ahem*. It is perfectly doable, and yet perfectly infuriating. I hope it works for you.

I hope the clomid works too. Especially as it makes you feel so rough. Good luck with that. Take a duvet week.

Jane G said...

@ WFI & May - Had some Green & Black's dark mint choc last night. Yummm! Don't know if that's allowed, but it was great!

@ X box - At the moment there's no enforced timetable seducing going on, as we're not allowed to ttc, but it'll be all fun and games when we do I'm sure.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Yes of course, duh, sorry.