Thursday, May 6, 2010


Got turned down for a job the other day. Days after the MD of the company told a family member of mine that I was the best candidate for the job, and that it was mine. Then they turn around and give the job to someone else. For fucks sake.

Then good old AF arrives after the worst bout of PMT for months.

Oh infertility, how I hate thee.
Oh unemployment, how I hate thee.


Anonymous said...

Oh, ARSE! How awful! So sorry!

womb for improvement said...

Bugger. What is the phrase. It doesn't rain it pours?

Sarah said...

Ah, shit. Sorry, Love. That sucks

Fran said...

Ah pet...this sucks...twice. So sorry, hang in there. Fran

Kelly said...

I found your blog through Stirrup Queen's blog roll...

I'm sorry about the job. Do you know what happened?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Shit, twice.

On the job bit, I'm hearing more & more reports from back home of people having to dumb down their CVs to get in the door.

C said...

I'm sorry :(


DrSpouse said...

Horrible. It is always good to have something to keep you busy to take your mind off sucky thing A but when sucky thing B turns up that's just horrid

Anonymous said...

Am sorry about the job fren..But I hope you would be selected for 'the best' job that suits you in perfect.Cheers from web design company

Vivian said...

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