Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to the grind

My good buddy Xbox emailed me today to check in on me since I have been very quiet in blogland of late. The reason I have not been online is that I am actually doing a little to earn my salary these past few days, rather than using company time to surf the net and indulge in a little blogging - tsk tsk. Anyway, being a sort of accountant, I have been up to my proverbials in month end. It's a bit like your period. Happens once a month, is a total pain in the arse, and leaves me tired and crabby. Couple that with the fact that the powers that be installed a new in-house banking system while I was out sick, and my daily reports are not pulling all the correct figures, so there's enough going on to keep me out of mischief for a while. But I'm nearly there with it now.

I'm still feeling quite tired and sometimes sore after the lap. The scar on the left hand side of my belly has been itching and throbbing, so either that's a good sign that it's healing, or I am a girl wizard and Lord Voldemort is up to his old tricks again. I like to go with the latter theory, it's far more interesting. I did manage to install a weather pixie thingymadoodaa in the last couple of days. That long haired goth lady under the umbrella standing in the perpetual pisses of rain in the vicinity of Shannon Airport is in fact me. Or what I might look like if I lost two stone and regressed to my college days Curehead image. That was obviously long before I lost all street cred and decided to become an accountant.

I have made the decision to try and take a mental step back from the stress of the treatment I have been on. It's not an easy thing to do, but I was beginning to drive my poor husband insane, as it was becoming my sole topic of conversation, and it was beginning to bug him bigtime. Can't say as I blame him really, I have been a miserable bat this past few weeks, there's no denying it. So we have made a new covenant, as they say, to try and bring back a bit of joy and fun into our lives. I will post more about that anon, right now I am off to bed with a lemsip and a hot water bottle, as I feel a cold coming on. So no action chez J n' J tonight.


Xbox4NappyRash said...

Month ends were the bain of my life for 4.5 years at my last job!

Ironically enough, they've become the the same now again!

Enjoy taking a step back while you can.

All the best.

womb for improvement said...

Was also wondering what was going on but as you are still a gold standard commenter figured you were still suffering from living up to the great expectations after xbox name checked you!

I reckon with any luck you'll soon be able to predict the weather by the throbbing of your scar - you are the weather pixie still!

Anonymous said...

How are you, my dear? Hoping the cold has gone and everything is healing up nicely and the weather just gives a teeny bit and allows us one last smigeon of summer.

And you had every right to be a miserable bat. It's all a bit freaking much. But hopefully some R&R from It All will come easily and perk you up. Fingers crossed.

Jane G said...

Thanks to you all for looking out for me. It means a lot to have this online community of friends who are all going through similar shit.

Well we actually had a rain free day here for the first time in ages, so I made an attack on the garden and did a great big purge on the flower beds. I dragged out briars, nettles, thistles....ouch! I'm going to post a few before and after photos sometime of the swamp the builders handed over to us at the beginning of 2006, and the garden we have since created. I still find the difference quite staggering.

@ WFI - If the throbbing of my scar is an indication of rain, then there's sure to be a lot of throbbing going on in the next few months, and not in a good way!